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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Dec 2007

Location: KL, Malaysia

MapToday is a festival day in Malaysia and although the zoo is open and heaving, Maz is on holiday and has asked all of us to his house for lunch. It is really a little like Christmas open house and after the ritual killing of the cow at the temple (ok, I know we don't do that) it is back to the neighbours. Life is easier here in some ways, as there is little or no drink, the choice of what to take is not so difficult - poor Maz's Mum did not know what to do with all the flowers - unlike home, they are things for the garden or temple not for the house and decoration.
A final wander around the zoo and then back to the house to pack for Kuching - easy in my case, I have not unpacked my bag here and only have smelly zoo clothes to pack. I do hope the Iban people will really want these smelly things when I leave. Hand washing is just not the same as a machine wash!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are all flying at different times, so tomorrow is going to be a very split day but one step nearer the part of the trip that I have been dreading - Borneo, rain forest and trecking!!!!