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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Dec 2007

Location: Borneo - Kuching, Malaysia

MapStill Malaysia but now Borneo. The flight was just a short hop from KL but still the formality of passport control and visa entry. Everyone is waiting at the airport and once again we are back into a group of ten, John who was doing the Zoo Assistant has changed his mind and come along for the treking. The drive in Kuching is not long and for once the hostel that we are staying in looks like the picture and much to the joy of the other group has hot water. For nearly two weeks they have had only cold water for washing - someone forgot to tell them that if you turn the switch on in the bathroom, it gets hot!!!!. Everyone is busy chatting and swapping stories - it appears that the other group did more with their animals and had other animals in their care but we had the closer experiences with the orangutans but the general feeling is that of " how lucky am I ".
Out for a team dinner and with any luck a drink - my liver must be loving this.