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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Dec 2007

Location: Borneo - Kuching, Malaysia

MapToday does not start off well, the first thing upon waking is the realisation that I have a migrane!!! Take the pills and force some breakfast down. We are going to the re-hab centre and then onto the halfway house and I really don't want to miss anything.
The Re-hab centre is for orangutans that have been released but still feel the need for either human company sometimes or a little extra in the way of food. Some days there are several of them and others none. We were very lucky and saw a mother and child, youngster and then George, a big old boy that is blind in one day due to a camera flash. It is when you see them standing up that you realise once again just who big they are and the power that sits behind the muscles. Each move they make is finely balanced and branches tested for strength before they launch themselves across the forest floor. So far, I was holding up but made a mistake here and rather than return to the hotel and bed, decided to carry on - big mistake. The rest of the day is a blur of animals including the baby in the pictures and being sick, trailing far behind everyone else so they could not see or hear - stupid!!!! At some stage we got back on the bus and back to the hostel - I think it probably took less that 5 seconds for me to get into bed and the relative peace of having my head on a pillow - thank god this happened today and not tomorrow when we are going up to Batang Ai and the rain forest.