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Kim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Jan 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapNew Year, new country. It was so lovely to arrive in a new place and know someone. Andrew, Laura and the children were all there to meet me but Laura did her normal thing and walked straight past me, at least Andrew did not have to tanoy this time. Catherine's is just the same - a noisy mix of children, cats and things, home from home almost. I am just reminded how grateful I am that my family is all grown up and I can hand small things back to their parents.
As it is a new year, I suppose I should reflect on the one just past and what has been learnt. The main thing I have learnt is just how much I depend on contact from my friends and family and just how important that communication is. It is the first thing anyone does when travelling and shown a computer - rush and check email and the sense of disappointment when no-one has sent a messge. I have learnt to cope with things and situations that I don't like or am uncomfortable with, learnt how to ride a horse and its not as easy as you would think, survived snakes in India and all the rest. I would like to say it has made me a better person but I cannot say that. I do know however, I am much easier going and let things that I cannot resolve go rather than try and sort them. Don't get ideas though children, this could all change again. I have learnt I like travelling and a year away is too long.
We are going to Laura's for dinner tonight - a chance to wear a skirt and nice top.