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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Jan 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapWhat a lovely evening we had last night, Christmas and New Year all rolled into one as far as I was concerned. The children all played with everything and all the grown ups did was eat - my favourite - rare beef and salads. I have so missed having food that I want and I don't have to look at another bowl of rice ever again or at least for a few months and the sheer pleasure of being able to have a glass of dry white wine that does not tast of paint stripper.
Poor Natasha has not been able to sleep in her room for ages as Kevin's Mum and Dad have been here from Zim and now I have it but I have unpacked everything from my bag and all my clothes are being washed and I can then iron them. Some of them have not been ironed since August!!!! Kevin and Catherine are still in their busy routine of work so at least I can help a little with the kids. They have all changed so much since march of last year and Gen goes to senior school at the end of this month. I have decided that I am actually very tired and am going to take some time out here in Sydney to unwind before moving on again. I am house sitting whilst they go on holiday - it will seem very strange to be all by myself again but I think I need to get some practice for when I get home.