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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Jan 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapA whole week has gone by and I have done nothing other that sit. That's not strictly true, I have been playing with the children, helping out in the garden and been shopping with Catherine and Laura. I so remember those days of buying school shoes and the stress that went with it. Catherine and Laura have been busy doing the after christmas returns and exchanges and I just hope that my lot have spent their money in the sales as well - it would be nice to know by the way, what you all got ???????????. I have at long last bought a new ipod to replace the one that was stolen in SA, all I need is a 5 year old to show me how to work it and then I can spend my christmas present from Robert and yes, Simply red will be on the list of purchases.
Catherine and Kevin are very good company to be with and we have had some most enjoyable dinners sitting out on the deck watching the night draw in but once again, I have been bitten to hell and back - my blood must be really sweet or taking the marmite just does not work. Australia is a wonderful country and comes with all its own noises, some of the bird song is unlike anything else you can hear and to be in the middle of north Sydney and have possums in your tree, much better than having squirrels.