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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Jan 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapThis week has been a little more interesting for you my readers. I actually ventured into the big city. Still makes you look in wonder crossing the bridge and seeing the Opera house - such a wonderful sight, the Anzec bridge cannot hold a touch to the harbour bridge in either shape or design but enough of the beauties of this place. I have actually left the house other than to go shopping and met Lindsey from South Africa for lunch - only wish that I could be that laid back and unworried about life - put it in my journel to learn more about! She is off up north to go fruit picking and a qualified social worker no less - sometimes around these children, I feel so thick and stupid. It did not matter that in my day, you got married sooner rather than later, nowadays, you just do what ever. Australia is that sort of place and it makes you feel like that.
Kevin and Catherine are away next week and I have my list of duties - feed the fish, ok, cool - can do that as they do not move too much, rabbit and friend have been removed - thank god and all that is left is the cats - please some one help me!!! Inky Mae is a true female and devious and Snickers is all male - out all night and why where you worried about me but I have spent time with elephants and large orange things - who is going to win, well the cats of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!