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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapI have managed to lose another few days in nothingness. Did go into Sydney to get some travel info on a trip to Tasmania, seen Derek and Ann for drinks one evening and everyone for coffee today. Lane Cove is a nice little place with loads of coffee bars and outdoor eateries, I have even walked up there one night for dinner. As I write, there is another huge thunderstorm brewing and they are even putting out alerts on the radio to warn people - I never knew that thunderstorms had danger ratings.

The cats and I are getting very well indeed, the biggest problem that I have is getting enough space in my bed at night. Inky May is really an indoor cat and likes nothing better than sleeping in the most annoying place she can think of, typical cat!! I did have a slight scare last night, the possum decided to walk on the patio for a change - certainly made the heart beat faster for a short while. Australia is certainly a place to watch out for animals in - so far I can add to the list, roaches both house and wood and neither lovely - they do make a nice sound though then you smack them with a shoe, hunter spiders that live indoors, are not poisionous and HUGE (promise, they are about the size of a coffee cup) possums, parrots and last but not least, funnel web spiders - lethal - you have 30 minutes in which to call 000 and get seen otherwise nothing and it has only been in the last 10 years they have come up with a anti tox for the poison. Here is today's boring fact, did you know a funnel web spider if it falls into water makes an oxygen bubble that it covers itself in and can live in the water for several days. Once Kevin told me this little gem, the idea of going in the pool became a lot less attractive!!!

The storm is now getting into full stride with huge winds, no rain and thunder that is deafening and the temperature is still in the high 20's. Both cats are in and the place is locked down for the storm. I think that tomorrows trip to Manley might not happen but we will see and by the way, I am up to date with this epic novel - many thanks to those of you still reading.