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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Jan 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapI write to you from the very wet and windy city of Syndey. The force of the winds is quiet frightening and I have been more than worried on several occasions that the upper deck shades are going to blow away - they are all little like ships sails . We did not managed Manely last week due to the weather but went and had a lovely lunch near Laura's - the ATM bum is coming on a treat - I think the only way to lose weight is to find a deserted island and hole up there.
Sunday was a little better and I braved in into Sydney to the market at the Rocks. This is just a small craft market thing held in one of the oldest parts of Sydney and is a good way to lose a morning but the stuff is really expensive and I left empty handed, I know unusual but true. Walked around the docks and gazed at the ocean liner parked there. I cannot descibe the size of these vessels but they make the bridge look small and dwarf everything around them. I can still not decide if I would enjoy a cruise - maybe I will save that until I am really old and then get one of the great grand children to push me around the deck in a bath chair!!! I ended up in conversation with two americans who are travelling on this liner, really did nothing to change my mind but nice to talk to someone other than myself and the cats.
Not a good weekend really overall, the last tangible link from Peter has gone, Henry has had to be put down due to his problems. I am going stop now as this is beginning to drivel more than ususal and go back to sewing name tags on socks! I hated doing this before and even more now!!!!!!