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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Feb 2008

Location: Uluru and Alice Springs, Australia

MapA very short night - people next door to me came wandering in about 2.30am with the local water flowing in their veins!! Somehow do not think that they managed to get up in time for this mornings trip. This is funny environment to be living in, there are people around all the time but like gypsies, no-one stays for more than a couple of days before moving on. There is one section of the worlds population that are masters at this type of travel and just view all their visits from behind the lens of a camera. Paris in one day. London the next and off to see the next thing - I wonder sometimes if when they are home, a sense of travel is felt. I am off myself today, Alice Springs is the next stop but after sunrise.

The whole place is in darkness, not pitch but enough to make shadows of the things around except for Uluru. It just sits there and watches everything going past, holding its secrets to itself. Once again am with the masses to see this and once again, Mother Nature plays a trick, too much cloud for the rock to change but the skies all around are set on fire and at one stage, even the bush looks like it is about to burst into flame. Prehaps I am supposed to come back another time. As dawn breaks, we set off for the next trip thankfully with some coffee inside. Uluru is a vast rock and riddled with secrets only known to the Traditional Owners and gone are the days when people could just crawl all over it and climb at any point. There are now set walks, climbs and trails and even points where you are asked not to take pictures as it is a scacred site. Every crack, mark, fallen stone has a story or myth behind it and each side has its own name. It is too large a subject to put down here, just enough to say that it does have a soul but is that down to experiences or just tales. I found it a formidable place to be and each and everyone of the cultural centres I visited a slice of the story in their own right. It would be very easy to get into the issue of the Sorry at this point but it is not for me to say, everyone has their own ideas and options but somehow here, it seems to be stronger with the Aboriginals living in set aside areas around Uluru and watching each day the westerns come in to the hotels with swimming pools and everything else we demand and that they do not have - somehow it brings to mind other places and people, have and havenots!!