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Kim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Feb 2008

Location: Katherine and Darwin, Australia

MapWell, it has not been the best of nights sleep but for the money, well worth it - it is sometimes a curse having long legs and trying to wrap them around a short seat. The train has stopped at a small place called Katherine - once again in the middle of nothing but thanks to this train has been able to do something to lift itself out of a poverty trap. There is a natural gorge here and I decide to go and visit. its either that, sit on the train or go into town!!!! It is a beautiful place with gentle water falls and in good weather white water rafting but this was not one of those times. The trip along the gorge was one of calm and slowness, a little how I feel my life is at the moment, slowing down and made a break in the trip. Back on board the train and the final leg into Darwin.

Alright, after the late freight train pulled by and the broken fuel pipe, we limped into Darwin. The only town in Australia to get bombed and totally destroyed by a hurriance, nothing was left standing and they hold the record for the largest ever airlift - 600 women and children flown out in one trip. Nothing of this really matters at the moment and after a quick shower in yet another hotel room, I go in search of food. The town is relativley small and most of the resturants are in one street - Indian through to Irish, as long as it is not a toasted sandwich, I don't care. Another early start in the morning - this is not a trip of stay in beds!!