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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Feb 2008

Location: Kakadu to Darwin, Australia

MapI did have to get up in the night - all that thinking about it and I think it was the fastest run to and from!! but I survived.

Today is another trip around part of the park but once again different from that on the itinerary. This part of the forest / wetlands feels much older and it would not have suprised me if a T-Rex had come lumbering out from the rocks. It just felt unused and unsullied and then after walking, we came to the paintings. Words are hard here, they were fantastic and then to see the sailing ship complete with dingy - what?? To imagine that the Aborginals from here had walked to the creek or nearest river and then come back and drawn a copy on the wall - why, how did it fit in with their beliefs of dreamtime or were they just recording events and if so, why only that and not the progress of the white man across the country and all the things he introduced along the way. The only other thing that shows any other outside influences, it the picture of the gloves showing lace. This was truely a most magical place and I felt very honoured to have been allowed on it, thank goodness for the change in weather and road.

After lunch, another river cruise but this time I did see crocodiles and as you can see from the pictures, close up. They are tempted from the water with pork chops and although not tame, conditioned to expect treats twice a day and even more if someone falls in the water. They say that it only takes a crocodile 3 days to learn a pattern of behaviour - you collect water at the same place, same time each day - 3 days, 4th day he works out where to ambush you and 5th day he strikes!!!!!!! and to listen to some of the stories told about tourists from the guides would make your hair curl, ok to bathe here as I saw him up river earlier, they are all tame and would not bite and so on.

Back to Darwin tonight. I am really pleased to have done this trip despite the flies