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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Feb 2008

Location: Hobart - Tasmania, Australia

MapWell, another day, another city or it is beginning to feel like that. The flight from Adelaide to Hobart was short but the change of scenery and colours was fairly dramatic. Tassie is not that far from Australia but it gets a more even climate in terms of rainfall and sun and so from the air is much greener and so easy to understand why the British settled here, home from home in many ways.

I was fed up when I arrived as the markets that Hobart as famous for had closed and so were all the antique shops but the hotel was good and I spent the evening not in the quiet of my room as normal but as a guest at the wedding that was being held in the ballroom. Sometimes there is something to be said for being British and talking with such a cute accent!!!!!. I am presently sitting and waiting for the tour guide to arrive along with the group. Talk about doing things on the hoof - I have no idea of the size of the group or even the agenda but it was cheapish and had spaces. Tassie has really become a tourist spot in recent times and at this time of the year, is a cooler place than many others - hence it gets booked up quickly.