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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Feb 2008

Location: Hobart to Nubeena, Australia

MapBoy, do I pick them!!! The tour started yesterday from Hobart, an hour late, always a good sign and we seemed to have packed so much in already that I am convinced we have already done half of this small island.

The company I am travelling with is a small one and talk about a mixed bag of people. The driver/company owner/guide is a Turk, married to a Thai, Two of the others are from Japan - can understand a little english but very little spoken, two from Melbourne but orginally from Italy, that wonderful mix of Italian overlaid with Aussie and finally, Michael, a Swiss-French professor of Micro-Biology and then me!!!!!

We started the day with a trip up to the top of Mount Wellington - the tallest mountain in Tassie and it overlooks the entire bay with amazing views across the harbour and out across the sea to Australia.Back into the van and it is best described as that - a small people carrier with trailer - thank god most of the others are small and do not need their seats pushed back - at least I have enough leg room. Across from the mountain to Eaglehawk neck and pushed onto the Peninsula to see the blow hole and devils kitchen, stopping for lunch on the way at the harbour in Hobart and some of the freshest fish and chips I have ever eaten.

Tasmania is a odd shaped island and the peninsula is only attached to the mainland for a few metres, so during the time it was a penial colony guarding the island was a very easy task. A line of men and dogs were placed along the neck and from here, they could see everything that was approaching from either side and stop them. In the history of the island being a prison, no one ever escaped. Plenty of people tried but they all failed - not a bad record. The coastal areas of the island are also very different in make-up and all around this side of the island, the sea has worn away the rocks and made inroads to the land causing amazing natural sinks and pressure points that spout water up into the air. The place that we are staying in is called Nubeena and judging by the events of today, I am a little concerned as to what it may be but at least it should be damp, rat and snake free.