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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Feb 2008

Location: Nubeena to Bicheno, Australia

MapOk, the hotel was fine. It appears that we will be staying in a series of lodges or cabins, all of which have kitchens, lounges and several beds in each one. Mine not only had two double beds but three singles, a huge lounge area and two bathrooms. I tried to make as much mess as I could but it still was enormous. Part of the reason for booking this trip was the inclusion of breakfast and lunch - save money on dinner but another eye opener. Breakfast consisted of Alex (boss man) handing out plastic bags to everyone and then offering breakfast items such as bread, cereal etc, you got your breakfast but you had to cook it - novel concept and hence the cabins. Dinner last night was also a very amusing affair - a brisk walk up the hill to the only dinner in the area and you had to be there by 7.30 for last orders and then, well you would have thought I was the guide. It took several minutes and lots of discussion to work out what people wanted to eat. Michael was fine, out of everyone, he has the best english but is also able to talk to Maria and her husband in italian. The poor couple from Japan managed by pointing and trying to use a language conversion machine. I can feel it in my bones that this is going to be a funny trip.

It was strange to wake up this morning to a chilly day, hearing dogs bark and a very strange noise that I could not place until I realised it was a cockerel singing the dawn chorus, almost like home untill the parrots flew over screeching. This is a very pretty place and if you were just dumped there with no idea of country or time, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Devon or even the home counties. There is no time to sit and watch, the day starts at 8.45 and off to the next view point.