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Kim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Feb 2008

Location: Bicheno to Launceston, Australia

MapWell, it was another interesting place that we stayed in last night. This coast line is very much a holiday region and thus, most of the hotels are more like the American Lodges, each cabin / room has everything that you could possibly need to entertain a small army and also the stuff to cook for one. Last nights logde came complete with swimming pool, braai's and snooker house and I did not get the chance to use any of them. After dinner which was had amongst the pokie machines all bleeping and making strange noises, we went for a night drive onto the cliffs and a chance to see the small blue penguins that live in this area. They are really small and it was incrediable to watch them trying to get out of the sea and up onto the rocks - a question of throw yourself at a rock and hope the waves would give you the added volocity to dump you on a dry piece of land. They say that once a penguin has made it from the land to the water, the same route is always used, a bit mad when there is an easier one just near by but, they manage and once on the land rush across to the burrows, which in this case is just a small scrap in the soil. Did you know why penguins waddle when they walk ? They have no knee bones, hence the stillted walk!

An early start this morning to get a glimse of another blow hole and then onto the animal sanctuary in time for feeding. This was set up by a local guy just after the bush fire that took most of St Helens and surrounding area out. As most of these things start, it was just a few animals but he now has a hundred or so and each time something gets hurt, they bring it to him. The Tasmanian Tigers are strange little creatures with very sharp teeth and cannot be descibed in anyway as cuddly. One stupid tourist actually put his hand over the barrier and looked a little suprised when it grabbed hold of his hand and bit!!! The fun part was getting it off him, as like Stafford Bull terriers, they lock their jaw and are really not too happy in letting go. The other think that really suprised me was the size of the kangeroo's. They are huge and the legs are so powerful. Standing next to a fully grown adult, it was very easy to imagine getting knocked over by one and the damage they could inflict with their claws. Animals over and back into the van to see the sand dunes that are a feature of this coast line. Huge dunes that surround the bays and change the landscape daily. I wish that I had had the chance to sand board one of thme but not really something that this crew would do. Along the coastline from the Bay of Fires and to Binalong Bay, one of the prettiest beaches I have seen. Fine white sand that squeaked when you walked on it and a gentle bay to walk around - I am going to find it so hard when I get home not being by the water and having warm weather. Finally, Columba Falls, the highest water fall in Tassie and then to a place called Legerwood.
This is just a small village in the middle of nowhere and they have carved out all these figures in the trees that line the village green. Each figure has been carved using a chain saw and as you can see I hope from some of the pictures, pretty amazing. Can you imagine though what would have happened in you had made a mistake! - no second chance.

Tonights stop is in Launceston, so I hope we do not do too much there as I have two days on my own there to explore when this trip ends