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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Feb 2008

Location: Launceston to Stanley, Australia

MapThis trip is great - stayed last night in what could only be descibed as a copy of an English Castle complete with howling winds, storms and I am sure the odd ghost or two.

A trip around the town and park this morning and then off to see Cataract Gorge, one of the main features of Launceston. This beautiful gorge is just out of the town and is used for everything from pop concerts to family outings. They can also claim one of the oldest chair lifts in the world here, needless to say I believed them and did not have to go on it to find out. Onwards to one of the oldest places in Tassie, Wynyard Farm and its gardens. The earliest settlers in Tasmanian arrived and settled in and around Stanley and the then lord of the Manor built his house on the top of the hill overlooking the port. To overcome the homesickness, he built an exact copy of the farm they had left in England right down to the cellars and farm buildings. The town of Stanley became a fishing village and was quickly built up with small houses and shops. Many of these are still standing and the Tasmanian's are very proud of this link to the past. Alex, the driver was really not impressed with me as I failed to get excited about houses built in 1830 and 1840 and was even less impressed when I told him that the house I lived in in the UK was built in 1820!!

Today was a quiet day and we arrived at the lodging early. This time a caravan park and the only bad place so far. A fish bowl is the best description of the hut and I shall have to remember to close all the curtains tonight otherwise, my fellow campers might get an unpleasant suprise, no lack of light in this room. A chance however to take a walk along the beach and a few minutes to be alone. That is the only thing about trips like this, there is always someone with you. I am also interested in how we are going to cook breakfast - there is only a kettle in the room!!