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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Feb 2008

Location: Stanley to Cradle Mountain, Australia

MapSorted out the breakfast problem, got up early and went to the Ye Olde Cafe and yes, it was spelt like that. Bacon Sarnie and large coffee started the day off well. Michael decided to come alone too and made good work of a full English breakfast. We have done the trip from top to bottom of Tasmanian and the next two days are going to go into the mountains.

All across this island are pockets of english countryside and as we drive towards Cradle Mountain, this becomes more and more obvious, the scenery changing from sand and sea to hills and forests. At on point, I could have imagined Julie Andrews and the children marching across the meadows singing. Tassie seems to have a little bit of everything and is not totally unlike New Zealand in that respect. The area around Cradle Mountain is beautiful and I really wish that I had more time to spend here. Tonight we are staying actually on the Mountain and as there is no restaurant, we have to buy food!! A chance to have a braai and a steak without going - how much!