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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Feb 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapI have had the most interesting week walking in and around Melbourne. Jeff takes me into town at the start of the day and off I go. It is a wonderful city and much more European than Sydney. The cafe society here is very important and it appears that most business meetings are held on the pavement along with cups of strong coffee. The city itself is a strange mixture of the old and the new. They decided before Sydney did to keep the old buildings and so have some wonderful examples of victorian build including the cathedral and anglican church's. The main theatre is a testiment to the victorian ideal of cover up and is just a masterpiece of carved stone and ornate roofs and then there is Federation Square - a total new build of strange shapes, materials and modern ideas but it works and has become the place to met and greet. They actually have a museum of horse racing here along side the gallery of Modern Art.

Melbourn is know for its shopping and appears to have a factory shop for most names - you know I was worried about my bag and the weight before leaving Sydney, well I am now in total panic mode and am probably going to have to send stuff home, again. It is going to be like Christmas when I get back and manage to round up all my boxes - each one will be a suprise upon opening. The other joy about here is that the city is laid out on a grid system and once you get to terms with that, it is almost impossible to get lost - I use the word almost loosely as I have managed it.