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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Mar 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapBusy week here and my feet are killing me - I am sure that I have shrunk by several inches but it has been worth it. Been to a concert in the Cathedral, organ music for lunch, totally brilliant, seen the Immigration Museum and wondered about the courage of all those people that sailed out on the early ships to find a new life - 6 weeks of sailing, often longer if the wind dropped and such cramped quarters. As the ships got faster, so did the sailing time and the death rate from sickness dropped but in the early days, some families left the UK as six and arrived as two, can you imagine the blame you would put on yourself if all the children died just because you wanted a better life. The stories that some of the people have recorded are heartbreaking to read. In the later years, conditions did get better and under the ten pound sail, very few deaths happened but there was one common thread running through all, the chances of getting back home were almost zero. How things have changed with the advent of charter flights, telephones and now e:mail. Taken a cruise on the Yarra River, seen Melbourne's version of Luna Park and shopped.

Jeff has managed to get VIP tickets for the motor show tonight, so I have had to buy posh clothes and shoes - no thongs tonight (thats what they call flip flops), so I am off to wash and try and look a little less like a new age traveller.