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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Mar 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapThe pace of life here is getting too much - I shall have to go back to Sydney for a rest soon.

The motor show was interesting, cars are so much cheaper here than the UK but at the moment everything appears to be. An evening of champagne (again) and fast cars and then to finish off, a visit to the casino. So many people and so many pokies, you can understand just how easy it is to become addicted to them, the feeling that you might win and if you walk away, the next coin will make the jackpot. I managed to make my 20 dollars last for about an hour but walked away with nothing to show.

Saturday is festival day on the river and the city is full of people going to watch the water ski-ing, Federation Square is taken up with fashion week, thin people everywere and the weather is wonderful. Jeff and I went to the Botanical Gardens and watched all the weddings. You can get married just about anywhere in Australia and the park was full of couples tying the knot by the lake or fountain or park bench watched by everyone walking past. Sunday was spent driving along the coast to a place called Lorne. This is on the Great Ocean road and eventually leads to the Twelve Apostles further round the bay. It is an amazing trip, you drive hugging the coastline and around every corner you can see another small bay or people surfing. One of the bays that we stopped to look at was getting ready for a surf competion, just a small bay , the entire beach covered in chairs and stalls selling everything from food to boards. So different from England, the Australians can and do live outdoors, each town has braai's on the beach front for general use along with showers and places to sit and eat. I know the weather makes a huge difference and there is no way we could do this in the UK but things here also do not get broken or ruined as much as at home or so it appears. Kids are busy throwing themselves in the water and posing on the beach trying to impress. We eventually arrived in Lorne and spent a couple of hours on the beach reading the Sunday papers and swimming. That is the only major fault I have with this side of the coast, the water is freezing and I really do like my swimming water as hot as my bath.

Showers are the thing here and at the moment, everywere is on restrictions. Since arriving in Melbourne, we have gone from a level 3 to a 3a and some area's are on a 4. It is against the law to wash your own car and gardens can only be watered on certain days of the week - prehaps that is the way we are heading.