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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Mar 2008

Location: Melbourne to Sydney, Australia

MapToday is my last day here in Melbourne before I head back to Sydney. I have had the most wonderful time here, dinners in some of the most amazing places, on the quayside and in one of Melbournes best houses, played pokies in the casino, swam in the sea, walked for miles along beaches and pavements and met some of the kindest and most generous people in the world. Seen some of the most beautiful countryside, had beers in a country pub and generally been totally spoilt. Last night's dinner was Japanese, something that I have never tasted as a treat and yet again, an experience to add to my growing list. Jeff will I think be very pleased to ship me back to Sydney so he can rest and have his weekends back. I think one of the biggest things I have learnt from this experience is that there are still genuine people in this world and I can only hope that one day, I will be able to do the same for someone else. It does not take much to make someone feel at home and the difference it can make is uncountable.

Back to Sydney and my adopted family but this time with clean washing!