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Johni22’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Feb 2007

Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Map Today we started to go on the trip!! First, my mom's friend and my godmother, Dorrie, drove us to logan airport in Boston. Once there, we spent two hours undergoing pre flight processes. At 12 O'colck, we boarded the plane to Dallas. The ride was cool, we were served lunch and it lasted three hours fourty minutes. When we finaly got to Dallas, the airport was amazing. It covered at least 20 square miles and had thousands of people there. It was so big it had a monorail system to get around. When we were to get on the plane, our flight got delayed, so we looked around. There were many amazing things, a glass labyrinth that made music when you were in it, a candy shop of extreme size with a jawbreaker called the "Mega Bruiser" that was like 3 inches in lenght. When we got on the plane, we flew for about three hours, on the flight, they had a movie running, but the headphones costed $2.00 so we didn't watch it, instead we watched elf on my dad's laptop. When we finnaly arrived in Guatemala City, a man drove us to Antigua, and we went to sleep because it was almost midnight.