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Johni22’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Feb 2007

Location: Varios towns, mainly santiago, Guatemala

Map Today I woke up and got dressed, our tour guide picked us up at 7 A.M. We then left on a long three and a half hour trip. at first, we left Antigua and went onto a new highway, paved and not with stone. The guide told us it was made two months ago. It was all in a large manmade stone canyon on the side of the mountains. In a while we went through a coffee plantation. I saw how the plantation owners liven in large haciendas. We kept driving and went through a town. I saw how people advertised things on there houses to make money. Probably the biggest thing advertised was Orange Crush Soda. My brother noticed that first. Another big advertisement was Tigo, a cellphone company. We kept driving on and went through a village. I noticed how people lived in scrap metal shacks and recycled huts, I noticed how greatfull we should be for the money we have. We kept driving on and I found out from the guide that the volcano only smokes every two or three weeks, and we were lucky to see it. we kept going on through more villages for a long time until we were just on the mountain with no settlements. After a while, in the middle on nowhere in the range, there was a small market, we didn't buy anything though. As we kept on driving, we saw more markets like that. We were almost to Lake Atatlon, and we saw it, it was the most beutiful thing in guatemala. We saw farther away, there was a cemetury, that looked like it was a city of colored buildings. The guide told us that people can't read or write so they have a little colored building for there family, if you can remember your color, you can find your grave. we finnaly arived in a little tourist town on the side of the lake, it had a market called orange crush plaza. We got on a boat and rode to the other side, to a market town called Santiago. we got off and the guide led us to a church, with 18 steps to get up to it, one for every month on the mayan calender. The church was beutiful, and interesting. There were no roofs on churches like this one until the 1800s because the people belived that you needed to see heaven. The candle place, you know, where you light a candle and say a prayer, was different, you light a different color candel for a different prayer. We then went to the market and spent all the money we had. We bought some mini bannanas that my dad had to have, a wooden piano carving that was a drawer secretly, a mask, a cool cloth, a wooden snake, and much more. People would do anything to sell somthing, it wold be like "100 quetzel" "No 75 quetzel" "fine eighty" "75 or no deal" "fine here you go". We left to go to the other side of the lake, some kids begged for change, we felt sorry for them but we had none. we went back to the other side of the lake, I went to sleep for the car ride, and we went back to the resort, and now I am typing this. I will go to bed after. Cya tommarrow!!