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Johni22’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Feb 2007

Location: Antigua, Guatemala city, Guatemala

Map Today I woke up in Villa Antigua and got dressed. I went down to the breakfast buffet with my family because we finaly had time to do so. My mom ran into a"omlete Bully" who was bullying her because he said he already ordered with another person but my mom got her's first. After that we left and got onto a taxi and started to drive to Guatemala City, when we got there, we started seeing skyscrapers and a huge tower for a mcdonalds(no not a corporate headquarters), and our 10 story outdoor heated pool fancy shmancy hotel. When we drove in you could look one way and see a giant fountain or the other way and see a giand spinny door with gold edges. On the lobby floor, every thing on the floor, walls and ceiling was made of marbel, what I mean by fancy shmancy. We went to the receptionist and he said we couldn't get a room till like 11:00, and we didn't, so when we did, we unpacked and went downstairs to wait for Maria. When she got here, she was awesome. We left the lobby and went to our room after. Maria had a little thing she did which was like "cht!!" and it is like her version of "Hey you!!". She cried about losing her foster parents for three days. but by the end of the day, she knew us by name and would cry if my mom left the room. She is very smart, at 2, she can climb up and down stairs, brush her own teeth, open and close bottels you have to screw with, and more. When she got something, it was hers, and no one could have it exept her. At night, we went to the piano bar, I played like 20 songs and she loved it. Then we went back to our room and ate dinner, and then we went to bed.