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Carolyn’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Aug 2007

Location: London, UK

MapHey minions,
This is kind of like a reader's digest version of the email I sent out, so don't feel obliged to read it if you can't be bothered.

London is so awesome, it’s like a huge Lego land where all the houses are in little rows and every street looks like Coronation Street.
I had an awesome time with Colin on Friday, we pretty much covered most of central London. We caught a double-decker bus to the tower of London and then went to Wagamama’s for lunch. Very sad to say that they don’t have teriyaki chicken or steak here! How gay!
Anywho… the tower of London is next to the tower bridge, this really awesome bridge which Colin told me used to be the torture chambers for the tower of London (which is a castle and not a tower at all). Lisa tells me that’s where they tortured Guy Fawkes after he tried to blow up parliament.

So Colin and I walked around most of the city and went and saw Saint Paul’s cathedral, Trafalgar square and a whole lot of other places that I can’t really remember anymore. On the bus on the way back to lisa’s there was this really weird guy who fell asleep next to me and tried to snuggle… so I elbowed him in the arm, which woke him up pretty quick.

And then yesterday Lisa had to stay home and wait for a washing machine repair man, so I went on an adventure by myself to the portabello road markets in Notting hill. I forgot to pay for my tube ride so I had to do a stealth-as escape at the Notting hill exit so I didn’t get fined.
I caught the tube back (and paid this time) and then Lisa and I took a wee trip to Greenwich and then to see Buckingham palace, where I spent a good amount of time catching people unawares with my camera. We went and sat down in Green Park afterwards and saw these guys doing brazilian martial arts, it was pretty gay until one of them did this spinny round thing and then tried to flip and ended up with his face in another guy’s crutch! It was so classic, I still can’t stop laughing about it.

This afternoon Lisa and I caught a ferry out to Westminster and saw all the lovely sites of London from the lovely waters of the Thames (a river so filthy that even seagulls won’t land in it!)
We got off near the strand and went and saw Westminster abbey, Big Ben and the parliament buildings (which, by the way, were supposed to be another palace for the royal family but they thought they weren’t fancy enough) they looked pretty god damn fancy to me!

Anyway, that's all I have for you at the mo, but I'll try give you another update when I'm in spain.

See ya later