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Carolyn’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Oct 2007

Location: Ios, Greece

MapIt's nearly home time people! Nearly the end of my journey, and nearly time to put some hard core warm clothes on. 'Cos I know it's gonna be bloody freezing in London!
In the mean time though, here's what I've been up to.
Gemma and I arrived in Athens after a 12 hour day of travelling. Something that no amount of travel will ever make ok. Unfortunately we didn't enjoy Athens all that much. Mostly due to the fact that we were staying in the dodgiest part of town, with all the prostitutes and strippers, couldn't find accommodation for our second night, and stayed with the most annoying (and maybe dumbest) Americans I've ever met. Oh, and the laundry lady tried to steal half our clothes too.
But all that is now insignificant, because the Greek Islands are WICKED.
We arrived in Mykanos on the first day of our 'tour' and spent most of the rest of the day chilling on the beach, getting a rad as tan. Yes that's right my friends, I do in fact have a tan. A real one too, complete with tog lines and a darker tone of foundation. YUSSSSSSSS!
Anyway, we went out that night to dinner and went drinking in some of the bars that are still open. Greece is pretty dead at the moment, so there are only about 3 bars open on every island. That's reduced from the 100 or so bars that are normally open during the summer. On each island.
The next day Gemma and I spent the day making some friends and went into town to have a cutesy wee romantic dinner, just the two of us. Due to the fact that we are completely reversed in our drinking habits to the rest of the group, we chose this night to stay up till all hours drinking with the random people we met at the bar. Always a good way to get in the 'in crowd' with the tour group.
The next morning brought a new island, by the name of Paros. Paros was pretty coo. We went on a really awesome boat trip on the second day. Complete with a barbeque on the beach and a sweet as skipper, who was more wasted that most of the passengers on the way back to port. I told you the europeans love their water safety. I got sick somehow (completely unrelated to alcohol) and spent that night curled up in a ball in bed. It sucked. Big time. But luckily I felt marginally better by the morning, deciding to nominate the next couple of days as "alcohol-free days".
Alcohol-free days meant one thing and one thing only. The next time I drank, it got WAY out of hand...
Once again out of sync with the rest of the group, Gemma and I decided to go to the BOX bar in Santorini with our tour guide, Laura. Laura went off to put her bag in her room and never returned. Deciding that we had to take matters into our own hands, Gemma and I ordered enough alcohol to inebriate a small army and continued to drink until we had made friends with most people in the bar. After befriending the owner's wife and her two sisters, buying the bouncers jagerbombs and dancing on the bar, we arrived home and somehow I slept on top of the entire contents of my backpack.
I haven't had a drop of alcohol since and don't intend to drink for a few more weeks!
The trip to Ios the next morning was Hell on Earth. If only the boat had been silent I may have had a shred of peace. But, alas, that was not the case. We arrived on Ios at about 1pm and by the time I felt ok to join the group again it was 6pm. No people, I am not proud of the way I acted!
Ios was amazing. It had the best beaches, the best nightlife (though I enjoyed this sober) and the best people of all the islands. We were the last group through and so all the staff were partying just as hard as everyone else. It was awesome!
We didn't really accomplish a whole lot on the islands. Just chilled out and had a good time really. I'm quite looking forward to going back to London to start living normally again. Never thought I'd say that, but 2 and a half months of travelling can really take it out of you.
Don't think this website is getting any less action though, cos I'm gonna be writing about all the random stuff I get up to when I'm there.
Well that's it for now. Next week all my photos should be up to date, so keep an eye out.
Peace out minions