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Carolyn’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Mar 2008

Location: Bristol, UK

MapHey peeps,
So I had a day free last weekend... something that doesn't often happen... and decided to treck it up to Bristol.
I wasn't there for very long so not a lot happened, but I can tell you that within the first 30 minutes of arriving I managed to bail down some stairs, stain my teeth on a blueberry smoothy and get absolutely saturated in a down-pour that lasted for well over an hour. After all that, Jody and I went to see the suspension bridge at the end of town. It's really cool and is built over a massive gorge with a river running through the middle. At the beginning of the bridge there are signs for all the people planning on jumping... strange I know, but I have devised a plan to stop the insanity. All they need to do is electrify the wires running through the railing and all would be sweet!
So, after drying off and having a lovely roast chicken with Jody and her boyfriend, we headed into town and had a few beers. Didn't have a massive night but it was good one none the less.

And the next day I came back to London. The end.

Hope everything is super at home
Love you all millions