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Renata’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Apr 2006

Location: Geneve, Switzerland

MapWe woke up to the cloudy morning in Geneve, Switzerland and tried to find breakfast that would satisfy our cravings. That is quite a difficult thing if you do not speak french - Thanks God we have Majka and her french knowledge, which turned out to be perfect. During whole our stay in french speaking regions her mouth and tongue was a MUST :)
Strolling around the lake, throughout the city, to the "United Nations" building ... our legs got tired, but when we appeared to be in botanical garden, all the pain and tiredness were over, even the cloudy morning changed to sunny day.
From Geneve we went to check out small but for sure unique (in a good way) town Annecy, France. It has very special atmosphere and if you're passing by, stop at least for one hour. It's worthy to do so. Here we tried also the french fast food chain and have to admit "I'm loving it" is still the best choice even in France :) Ivo, we send our greetings as you are the one saying "If you're abroad, always eat in Mc Donalds" :)
For the night we headed to Avignon, where we booked the hostel and this time it was really a great place... would be nice to come here again for summer.