Jason07’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Feb 2007

Location: San Francisco, USA

MapNot a bad week so far. The hostel we are in is good and has free food which is pretty good. There are plenty of weirdo's around to keep us amused and the beds are comfy. First couple of nights here we went out around the streets near here but the bars were terrible. In one bar I don't think the bouncer had showered for a week. Christ he stunk! Went on a pub crawl last night which was to some cool places but have a huge headache today. Have another crawl tonight so we will have a crack at that. Then we're outta here on Sunday.

Have had a pretty good look around. Did alcatraz the first day which was cool and then went bike riding over the golden gate bridge yesterday. Some old prick told us what he reckoned was a good track and we ended up all over these mountains. Ended up about 50 km which was a bit further than we'd planned. He's lucky we didn't see him later on.

Got a cell phone the other day and the numbers 415 341 3289. was $50 for a SIM card and only $30 for a phone with one so just got that.

Overall San Fran is alright although feel you can do everything in a couple of days. Pleased we haven't seen any gays although I think T is keen to go to some gays bars. Might send him off on his own.