Jason07’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Feb 2007

Location: Chicago, USA


Chicago hasn't got any warmer! Since the last entry we haven't done any work... had two big nights out... lost my phone at the gym.... and I managed to very badly sprain my ankle 20 minutes into my third training. The only good thing is the clubs medical is awesome so I was in at a facility 1st thing this morn with the USA rugby physical therapist and ended up there for 10 hrs and got 5 hrs of awesome treatment well ahead of what anywhere in NZ has to offer! You;ll see from the photos that its pretty big but today I've gone from hopping to almost walking.. although my shoe doesn't fit on my foot. And for those of you wondering the bruising is a good thing. All part of the healing process.. So tomorrow morning at 5 am we head for the airport to go to New York for a 4 day training camp at the West Point military academy (Its where Jack Reacher was trained!). I'll carry on my rehab up there and by the sound of it we have full run of a 6 million dollar facility...
In regards to the phone I've gone back to my original number for a bit and will get a new sim card next week when we get back.

Hope all is well wherever you are.