Jason07’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Mar 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapBack in Chicago now after a few days at West Point. Wasn't a bad trip. Didn't get to go to the actual New York City though so seeing the skyline was the best we got. We're back there twice more in the next 2 months though so will check out ground zero and stuff then.

West Point was cool. Absolutly massive. A Cadet gave us a tour on our last morning and it was really interesting. They told us the background of guys like Washington, Custer, McArthur, Eisnehower, Patton etc. We also got to go into a few areas you can't usually go which was cool. Trainings up there were ok. The states are a wee bit behind us so there was alot of tech coaching that wouldn't have needed to be done in nz as its second nature.

This week has been good with more physio and training. My bruising has all but gone but when you sprain an ankle if the ligaments are stretched far enough they pull on the closest muscle to prevent them rupturing so thats what happened with me. A muscle that runs under my foot and around my ankle is really tender so have to be pretty careful. Treatment is still going good though although I can't see me playing this weekend. Next weekend will be the goal. Just watched training last night and it was flat out snowing.. Bloody cold!

Finally did some work today. We made 850 little boxes, put a stuffed monkey in there and then put a letter in, addressed it and taped it closed. Its the mascot for a stockbroking company that they send out to all clients so it was easy enough. We got a free lunch too which was great. We are back there tommorow for another 600 odd so good to finally get some money rolling in.
Thats about me for now.