Jason07’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Mar 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapJust home from rugby training and I finally got to train., Ankle still isn't 100% but if I don't push it along the season will disapear as its only 10 weeks long.

Had a pretty big weekend. Travelled to St Louis on Sat morn which is a 6 hour drive. The boys played which we won both the A and B games and then we drove home so got home around midnight so a long day. On the trip home Andrew and I thought it to be a good idea to drink 40 odd cans of Coors light and then hit the town so we ended up staying at the Captains place in town a little bit worse for wear. Sunday was then a big Irish parade in suburb called South Side so we woke up and went to that with some of the rugby boys and finished up pretty late. We then had a mysterious case of food poisoning on Monday so didn't quite make it to work (stuffing monkeys!). Although we did work 9 hours today and will do the same tommorow. I'm pretty sick of those bloody things though. I think we've done about 1500 and have another 500 odd to do. I'll take a couple of photos tommorow.

So a couple more days of that and then we head to Dallas on Friday at 1430 hrs which is about a 3 hour flight I think. Will be good to catch up with one of my mates from home as he is playing for Dallas although I won't get to play him as I'm going to have to do a couple of weeks in the B's since I haven't played yet.
Then home Monday so it'll be a fairly big weekend with St Pattys day.

Well I'll chuck a few more photos on tommorow and will write some more after the weekend. Fingers crossed the ankle goes alright!!!!