Jason07’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Mar 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapWell the weekend in Dallas went all good. Flew in Friday afternoon and went to a bar and just hung out really. Caught up with Shane which was good and then had an early one. We won both games on the Saturday and I played a full game for the B side and although my ankle hurt a little bit I was pretty happy. Saturday night was pretty big and then out of 35 that were booked on the Sunday flight (0530 hrs leaving hotel!!) 14 missed it. Bloody funny if you ask me as Andrew and I had already pre arranged to stay on and stay another night with Shane. So Sunday was a big day as well and got back to Chicago at 4 ish on Monday looking a bit worse for wear. Those Sunday sessions really hurt the start of your week!

So no tries on Saturday but got called up to the A side for training tonight. I think I probably won't make the top side for the game this week but hopefully another good game should see me start the week after. We are at home 2 weeks in a row now which is choice as since we've been here we haven't been home for a weekend.

The rest of this week we are just trying to drum up some work as if we are not earning the money is disapearing very quickly. Have let the club know that if we don't keep on getting work we will prob pull the pin so they have said they are very keen to keep us on which is great.

I'll try and take some photos this week as haven't taken any for a while. Keep an eye on as I think some photos and game reports and being posted on there.

Once again I hope all is going well for everyone back in NZ.
See ya!