Jason07’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 29 Mar 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapAs you can see from the photos it was a very messy game on the weekend. I played about 30 for the Super League side and then the first half for the B's before hitting the showers. We won both games quite comfortably but it sucked as was pretty hard to shine in those conditions. The aftermatch was a good night and T and I rolled in around 5 so was a quiet day Sunday. The boys were having beers in a bar down the road but we refrained!

So STILL no bloody work this week although there is talk of quite a bit the next few weeks although will believe it once we are doing it. Just some demolition type stuff I think which should be ok. And one of us is doing office work all next week and we will just split the money from that.

So this week we have done quite a bit of training and I have had a bit more physio as due to my ankle being pretty weak I've picked up a couple of other niggles. The physio said I started playing a little early although I knew that anyways! We also went down to the lake on one of the warmer days and had a look. Its quite cool down there. Its so big they say it even gets surf when the winds are right. I'll chuck a couple of photos on.

Have been named on the bench for the Super League side again this week and we play Belmont shore who are one of the 3 including us that are favourites to take out the competition. Hoepfully I get some decent game time to stake a claim to start.

Thats about all for now. Training tonight which will be pretty cold and then a bit more training tommorow I think.....