Jason07’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Apr 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapHey all,

Sitting at a place that sells rock crushers playing receptionist today and theres not alot to do so thought I may as well write some more on this. Andrew and I have been doing this all week (1 at a time) so will be good to get some cash on Friday. The next week we start work for a company called all4fun which hires out all types of stuff to birthday parties and corporate events and stuff so that sounds like it should be consistent for a while which is great.

The weekend was ok. We had our first loss against a team Belmont from California although they were easily beatable. The boys played average and was pretty frustrating sitting on the bench watching most of the forwards drag their lazy asses around the field. I played 30 odd mins and went ok although only felt like I was really getting into it when the whistle went. Teh joys of being on the bench. This week we have a bye but the coaches have organised a game against a local side so I am starting for that so will be good to get some game time. After thoughts of having a quiet one we ended up having a few (poor credit card) although it was a really good night. Then had to avoid many phone calls on Sunday as the boys were into it again. One of the guys manages a bar so he locked the doors and all the boys got messed up. Sounded like great fun but I was pleased I stayed hidden come monday!!

We are getting another flatmate on Thurs so it will mean 4 people for 3 rooms. so not sure what we'll do about that yet. Hes a prop come out from england so just hoping hes not a whinging pom as will get sick of that pretty quick!

Ok better go back to looking pretty and doing bugger all work.
C ya.