Jason07’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Apr 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapLast weekend went well and we won by lots on Saturday and was great to get a decent amount of game time. Pity it was snowing and below zero but overall it was ok. I managed to get a try which was good although didn't have to do alot for it! Had another good Saturday night and finished up around 5. Then on Sunday we had promised the boys we would have a few as we had hidden the last few weeks. The manager had a big Easter dinner for the homeless kids so we had dinner there and the wheels fell off not long after that so was time for bed. There were some sick puppies around on Monday thats for sure. So I took the hit and worked Monday morning on the proviso that Andrew would come in at 1230 so I could go and he never showed up! So he owes me big time. It was a very long day! We then packed monkeys again on Tuesday and half Wednesday. One of the team has got some work lined up for us next week sanding and painting at his place which is good as one of the decent jobs we had lined up has fallen over as the dude can't get a permit.
As you can see we headed to the Museum on Thursday as T's relatives were over doing a performance soit was good to catch up with some Kiwis. The Museum was ok although it was more for kids I think. We ended up going out for lunch with T's Aunt and cousin and then heading home for training.
Ok I better go as we are leaving in 10 mins to catch the Bus for the Airport as we ply out to New York at 6 o oclock. Game is tommorow night at 7.30 pm so hopefully we have some free time in the morning to go check out Ground Zero and stuff. Will let you all know the results next week. Take Care.