Jason07’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Apr 2007

Location: New York/Chicago, USA

MapSo New York was all good. We had a quiet Friday and then played them on Saturday night. Didn't have much free time though although went for a walk around New Jersey (directly across the water from Manhattan). The game went ok. We played crap in the first half and trailed 15-5 with 20 to go. Luckily we scored on full time to win 20-15. I played about 35 minutes and was really happy with how things went so it was a good day. When we got back to our hotel after the game we found out our flight was cancelled due to a tornado coming or something so meant we were heading home Monday. Most of the guys made other arrangements to get home but 10 of us stayed and had a big Sat night and then a really super sunday! We found an Aussie bar that had breakfast and as much fosters and vodka that you could drink 11-6 for $15. We luckily only got there at 2 as we were pretty wobbly when we left there at 6! It was hilarious as the bar was flooding but we said we weren't worried and just stayed. One of the boys was sitting there drinking under an umbrella! We finished up about 12 and one of the boys organised a friends place that 10 of us slept on the floor. Our flight was 9 on Monday so an early start and we headed back to Chicago. So we went to the World Trade centre but not to the monument and man that is a massive hole in the ground. Its a very eerie place. And the flights that hit it took off from the same airport we left from and on a Monday morning..... So I was keeping alert! We didn't get very close to the Statue of Liberty as you see from my pics but we go back in 2 weeks so might have a better look then.

Once we got back I went to bed for the day and then the Manager rang and said he had tickets to the Cubs MLB game. So that was fun. So many drunk people on a Monday night. The cubs won and there were heaps of home runs hit so was really enjoyable.

We then worked Weds, Thurs, Fri for different people doing furniture shifts (so many stairs around here), Yard clearing and renovations. Then next week we are heading 40 miles out to build a fence for some dude somewhere. Hes going to put us up and pay the train to get there. Think its two days work.

Today we play Boston which will be good and the weather has finally warmed up. I think we will be mostly in the 20's the next month. Right I better get my gear sorted for the game.
C ya.