Jason07’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Apr 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapLast weekend went well with a 40-27 win over Boston Irish. They came back at us late in the game but we had done enough to hold on. I played the second half and it went well. Am starting tommorow against Washington so will be good to finally get a full game. Have got a small problem with my knee this last week but shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Saturday night was fun and ended up at one of the guys places and caught a cab home at 6 in the morn. Then had 3 hours sleep and got up and went and helped one of the boys shift house. I was shattered. We finished that and then he wanted to buy us some beers as thanks so we went out down by the ballpark as there was a game on and had a big afternoon there. Ended up finishing about 11 so was another slow Monday! The rest of the week was spent working in a warehouse Tuesday and then 3 slow days with gym in the morning and working at a mates painting and sanding (sick of that!). So next week sounds promising as we have to talk to a dude at the game tommorow about work right up until when we leave. That'd be bloody good if it works out.

The club have also hit us up this week and to stay here permanently. They reckon they can offer us alot more if we make a long term committment. Don't think this place is for me though. Its all good but a little too big and impersonal for me. Was nice being asked though and I think they want to have a meeting with us this week.

Travel plans after here are starting to take shape. Head off to London on July 1st and then straight into the running of the bulls tour the next day. Have been talking to a rugby club in Germany so might try and play there for the month of August as the amount of spending going on here is cutting down my Europe money!!

Thats probably enough for today. I'll chuck a couple of pics from last Saturday up. Not much though.....