Jason07’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 May 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapOur internet connection at home has been cut so sitting in an Internet cafe! We had a good weekend beating Washington 79-12. I played ok I think and although for the first time since high school I got bloody sin binned! The useless lady ref (I would've said useless even if it was a dude!) was trying to keep them in the game and sin binned me for hands in the ruck. I was the tackler so was in the right and I even had my hands up in the air to show here I wasn't trying to get the ball! So other than that I thought it was a good game! New York this weekend so hopefully get selected in the 22 for that.

Another big Sunday as the weather has come out good so we had a BBQ which was great. Was feeling it yesterday though!

We are heading an hour away tommorow to some dudes place for 2 days work which should be good. Heaps of lifting by the sound of it so will save going to the gym.

Haven't got much time today but hope everyones weeks are going well...