Jason07’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 May 2007

Location: New Yprk/Chicago, USA

MapAnother good win over the weekend. We were down 3-0 against New York Athletic club but took control in the second half to win 35-22 and secure 2nd place overall which means home quarter and semi (if we win the quarter!). I went on just after half time and felt I probably played my best game so far which was cool. Its been frustrating with injuries and stuff so was good to put in a better performance.

Saturday night we had a function in Manhattan so whilst most of the boys headed then T and I headed to Ground Zero and Times Square. As I said last time Ground Zero is a massive hole in the ground. It is unbelievable to think that at full capacity 50,000 people worked in each tower. Lucky the taliban were a bit early in the morning before trading started I say. Then we headed to Times square and now that place is cool. Massive TV's on the side of all the buildings and people absolutely everywhere (will put some photos up). We then shot off and caught up with the guys driven by an arab taxi driver who was doing 70 miles an hour through town. It was scary but amusing at the same time! The night finished about 3 and caught the subway back to New Jersey where we were staying.

So Sunday was Andrews birthday and our flight was delayed so although the team had been encouraged to stop drinking on Sundays it was decided to have a couple in the Airport bar. 2 hours later and a $355 dollar tab( T and I went halves) we boarded the flight. I woke up an hour or so in with a can in my lap and all the boys had fallen asleep. So back to Chicago and straight to bed until one of the guys rang at 730 pm and said he was having a BBQ so up we got and went around. So we ended up out until 4 ish so as per the norm another quiet Monday. We are working the next 5 weeks for a dude just doing half days each so good to get some consistent money.

On another note I have spoken with a dude in Germany the last couple of days and it looks like we may play there from August-Oct. With some time off for World Cup and Beer Fest. The guy has offered 1100 Euro a month plus free accomodation so might be a good way to do some more travel around for free. They have a training camp to Russia in August so we'd join them for that I think. The club has about 6 kiwis and once I sent my Rugby CV through they sent me an offer on e mail so will make my mind up by the end of the week.

Right enough borning stuff. I load a few photos on now. Enjoy!