Jason07’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 May 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapHad a good week here with plenty of work. Engagement party last Friday night was quite good although the hour and a half training on the beach the next morning was not so good! Had a few on Saturday and then a quiet Sunday so it was very pleasant starting the week without a headache. Been working everyday at the Rock crushing place and been getting heaps of training done as well which is good. We have a tough quarterfinal tommorow against a team from California who won the championship last year but we are confident we can knock them over. Will let you know next week!

Have confirmed the rugby in Germany so will be in Frankfurt from Aug-Nov with some time off in between for Beerfest and World Cup. Will tour round with mates in a van for July then head up there. Have been talking to the guy about possibly doing the training for the team so will hopefully get a bit more cash for that.
I'm pretty boring this week but am looking forward to the game tommorow. Hope the weekend is going well in NZ and lets hope that first All Black squad has the goods. A couple of rough picks on Southlands part though!