Jason07’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 May 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapWe won our quarterfinal 46-28 in an ok game. They had a bit of size on us but we were too fit and fast. So that means a home semi final in a weeks time so looking forward to that. After the quarter we had a huge Saturday, Sunday to celebrate. These Sundays are killing me!
This week has been pretty good with work. Been training hard and we have training tonight on the Beach which will be a hard session I think. Its all good. Then tommorow heading to Indiana (about 3 hours drive although a 1 hour change in Time zone) with 2 team mates for the Indy 500 race. Its going to be huge by the sound of it. Half a million people go to the race and cell phones don't work as theres so many signals in the air. Looking forward to seeing it and will make sure that I take plenty of photos. Should have some interesting stories after that.
This is short but will get a good one next week.....