Jason07’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Location: Indianapolis/Chicago, USA

MapWhat a weekend. Friday night we had a conditioning session on the beach for 2 hours which was a good sweat session. Wasn't planning on a beer afterwards but was so hot I thought we better so packed a bag for Indy and we went out for a few. Was a fun night. We then headed to Indianapolis at 11 ish Saturday and arrived down there at 3 which was when a drinking competition (great!) that we were entered in was starting. It was called beer pong and in teams of two you set on 10 pints in a 4,3,2,1 triangle. From the other end of the table the other team throws ping pong balls and attempts to land them in your cup and if they do you drink it. The pint is only filled up half but after 6 games it takes its toll! We finished pretty late and stayed at a mates brothers house.

So Sunday was the day of the race and most people head to the track at about 4 am for a 1 o clock start. Safe to say we weren't going that early as we were only getting into bed!! So we got up in the morn and had a swim in the apartments pool which we were then kicked out of for sneaking through the fence and drinking in the spa. After a big feed we headed to the track at 12 ish, got a park close and got into the track 10 laps in. The noise was rediculously loud. We had military tickets worth $120 that we got for free but went to the infield instead. There were so many people there. I'll put some photos up soon. One thing I can't get over is you can take your own beer in. So we had a chilli bin each full of beer. We decided that as Scott Dixon was a kiwi we would have a drink ever time he drove past. Which ended up being about every minute!! After 100 laps it rained so there was a 2 hour break as the cars need a dry track. I suppose they are doing 520 kph. They dry the track out by towing trailers with fighter jets in them that blow on the track. So after the 2 hour wait we were absolutely saturated and a little more wobbly the race started again and they got another 70 laps in and then called the race. Scott Dixon ended up second by a bit of a fluke as some of the leaders had just pitted but we were pretty happy!

The walk out of the track was another bunch of stories including aquiring a keg of beer, sitting in the passenger seat of a car and getting photos taken with a guy passed out in the queue to leave, taking a photo of a cop sitting on a curb and then almost having the camera confiscated... and so many other funny things!

So then we headed out for the night by all bars close on Sundays at 12 in Indy (stupid rule) so we didn't stay out for too long (not our choice) and headed home to bed. Was so exhausted from 3 big days that was asleep in a second. Monday here was Memorial day which is our equivalent to Anzac Day so a public holiday so we just drove back and slept some more!

So far this week have been working and we trained well last night in preparation for the semi on Saturday. I hope you all aren't too cold in NZ as it 30 here and muggier than Auckland. Better than 3 foot of snow! C ya.