Jason07’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Jun 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapHey everyone. Well we won so head to the National Championship match in San Diego this weekend. It was a hot day and after leading early we ended up grinding out a 20-17 win although I never was worried we wouldn't win. I played about 35 minutes which was good and was involved quite a bit. Have been named on the bench again this week which is frustrating as I still feel I haven't really been given much of a go since wrecking my ankle although am adapting to this role of an impact player and think I have been doing ok when I get on. It was a huge night after the game and most of us didn't have to buy a drink all night which was cool. The old guys are also putting a heap on money in so hopefully the trip this weekend will be free. There is talk it will be televised live here. If I find out where it will be on the internet I will put it on here on Saturday morning.

Have done a bit of work for one of the guys here this week painting and stuff which has been good otherwise training as normal. Our Coach has arrived back from the UK and has made some changes to our game style already which I don't think is that good an idea but hey he's the boss.

Thats about all from here. Hopefully by the next entry we will have won the title and if we do there will be a large couple of weeks coming up!!!

See ya.