Jason07’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Jun 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapHi Everyone.

Welll we lost the bloody final. I played about 30 and got a knock in the head straight away and then played pretty average. Was a pretty cool occasion and we had more support than the other team who only lived an hour away. Wasn't too keen on the USA national anthem though!!

Flew back 8 am Sunday morning so getting the the airport is a little hazy and the team was banned from the bar at 7 am as someone (the 2 kiwis.... aka Andrew and I) had managed to get on the United loud speaker and say a few things!! Was very funny!

We got back and then enjoyed the season being over until Tuesday and since then have been in recovery mode! Went to a Cubs game yesterday which was good. They won so I think I must be their lucky charm as thats 2 from 2!

Going downtown to do some site seeing today and this weekend its only 2 weeks to go.

Better fly hope all is good.