Jason07’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Jun 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapWell its 32 degrees outside and muggy as hell so very strange to remember when we arrived and there was 2 foot of snow!

Did the tourist thing and went to a place called Navy Pier on Friday. Was a cool place. Lots of people but pretty much the same as the Viaduct or Queenstown. I suppose its so popular as not alot of the states has water close by.

Had a bus trip on Saturday that was all good. Was to a thing called the highland games which had all those weird scottish type things. Throw the stone and log and stuff like that. They also had 7's rugby so was ok to watch. Was only $35 and that was beer from 10 am until midnight so was a good deal. Was so hot out there so was a fair few drunk people on the bus going home. I found a nametag on the ground for some dude from American airlines for the VIP tent so I put it on and me and 7 others drunk with that for a while to. The lady was being really nice to me so I'm guessing he must be a big wig. Then a lady came up and said she knew him so that blew that. Was pretty funny though.

So this week we are trying to find some work as the bank balance has been getting bashed at the weekends! Have one day at the moment later in the week. Otherwise will be spending some time at the beach and we are helping a mate in a yacht race on Wednesday. Will most probably sink with Andrew and I on board.

Hope its not too cold back there for everyone.
C ya.