Jason07’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Jun 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapHalfway through the last week here so not long to go. 4 months has gone really fast! Was a good weekend with a big night Friday, the Sox v Cubs game on Saturday and then a BBQ/piss up on Sunday.

The game was really good and was in a good mood after watching the AB's win. Had to be at the Stadium early as our mate had us tickets for free drinking for the 2 hours prior to the start. It was raining so the 2 hours ended up being 3 which was good.

The game was pretty slow as the score was only 2-1 but was entertaining all the same. I'll chuck some photos up tommorow.

This week am working so good to get a little bit of money before I leave. Playing in a 7's tournament this weekend in Millawaukee which is 100 miles or so up the road. Then fly out Sunday night. Land in London Monday morning and meet up with Anton before heading to Spain the next day.

Have started packing my bag and am going to try and leave quite a bit or stuff behind to save lugging it around the place. If anyone wants anything brought and sent home you need to be fast as only a couple of days left. Everything is alot cheaper here than NZ. Like half price on alot of stuff and thats after the currency difference....