Jason07’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Jul 2007

Location: Lagos, Portugal

MapHey everyone.

Finally got into an internet cafe as they were crazy in Spain. Cheers for all the e mails and sorry I don't have time to reply to them all so this will have to do for the time being.

Running of the Bulls was awesome. Went to the protest on the 5th which is the running of the nudes which was very entertaining! bout 2000 people in it so at one stage got in my undies and sung some songs. Next day was the opening. The biggest party ever. half a million people in the place drinking Champayne, beer and a drink called sangria which is sort of like red wine. You basically buy like 10 bottles of champayne then go and spray it all over people and the like. Spent a couple of hours standing beside the statue where people jump to prove their manhood. Was pretty freaky stuff as it is like 15 m high. Right before we left some old dude spudded in and ended up dying. Not too good! Lesson there would be to arrange for people to catch you.

Next day was the run with a 5 am start after a couple of hours sleep. We were briefed on the bus on what to do if we got gored and stuff and it was quite funny sitting beside Anton as he was shitting himself. We ended up on the track and just before the start the riot squad started trying to clear some people out. I had beentold that you could resist a little so pushed into them and ended up with a baton in my back. Good advice that was! So didn't get to run but was right there at the stadium.

Couple of days later linked up with the van and have been with them almost a week. First day we blew a Fan belt (5 hours to fix) Then at the same spot our radiator shit itself. We managed to get it all fixed the same day and headed to San Sebastian. Had a huge night out. Got batoned again as a cop thought me and an aussie dude were trying to steal a boat. All we did was walk past it but he had us up against a wall. He then got my licence off me and proceded to drop it down a drain pipe that we concreted in. What an idiot. After alot of apologies I couldn't understand I told him he was an idiot and headed off.

Next day the pipes on the bottom of the van blew out so we almost considered ditching it. Somehow managed to find an english speaking mechanic and got it fixed the next day. Have now arrived in Lagos after leaving San Sebastian at 12 yesterday we arrived here at 5 this morn. I did the 12-4 shift then jumped back in at 2 o clock for another hour so suffering from a bit of a lack of sleep.

This place looks all good. This weekend is apparently huge beach parties. Should be fun. Think we are here for about 4 nights. Will try and get some photos up soon if I can figure how to charge my laptop......