Jason07’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Jul 2007

Location: Alicante, Spain

MapBeen a while since I've been on here. Lagos was awesome. 5 days went by really fast and glad to get out of there in the end as we would've got in the shit otherwise I think! Beaches there were wicked (lots of topless women, not that I'm into that though!), Bars were great and the weather was between 35-40 degrees everyday. Got to watch the AB's beat South Africa which was awesome. The owner of the bar found out about it and came knocking on tents and vans at 6 in the morn and gave people a shot of absinte then we followed him to a bar. Bit like the pied piper really!! Then it was free pints till the first beer. For those of you in the Air Force that know JT I ran into him watching the game. I'm suprised he woke up!! I am also now the proud owner of the 1 hour pint record at the Casa Rova tavern. 13 in an hour beating the old record of 8. We went back for another go the next night but I was no good. Dean is now 2nd with 12 and Anton and Gregor are tied for 3rd with 10. Safe to say we left our mark there. And a bit of other stuff judging by antons frequent trips to the bathroom!!

So we left there and headed to Seville and had 2 good days there. Hotter than Lagos so in the 40's every day. I had a friend from the Lions who moved back there so was awesome to have a local tour guide (and translator!). Not many spanish speak English so was very handy. I was also very lucky as managed to get glass in both feet in Portugal. The girls in our van did a great job and dug a piece out of each foot which was great. But 2 days later my right foot swelled up and turned all red so Miguel (spanish friend) got me into the a and e. I wouldn't have had a shit show on my own but he told them everything and got me into the doctor. She then scalpaled to more pieces out of the foot. Bloody painful at the time but relieved to have them out. Foot has gone down now so just got a bit of a hole in the bottom of my foot.!

So we then headed to Gibralta after going through Tarifa which is the Southern most tip of Europe where you can look across and easlily see Africa. So I prob won't go there but at least I can say I saw it! So then onto Gibralta which we then found was a colony of Britan so we had to go through Customs and do passports and stuff. We then found out that camping in Gibralta was illegal so after a look around (Skinny streets and alot of dead ends) we lined up for an hour to get out. Got the van checked again but they were pretty good. We stayed somewhere we arrived at dark and then got here yesterday. we are camping at a resort type place and its bloody hot. Thats about me I think. Have to be in Frankfurt on the 30th so should see a few more places yet. Hope it isn't too cold back in NZ. Go the AB's. Jase